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Forest Wedding Photography

About us

We are a team of two, Daniel and Zsolt. We are a young and dynamic sibling duo whose hobby and passion are creating wedding videos. Each of our works is based on a unique story, where love, happiness, and intimate moments find their place.

Our collaboration with couples is not just a service for us, but also an experience. Your love is unique and special - that's why we handle each client individually. We place great emphasis on preliminary consultations to truly understand the unique story you have, and thus faithfully capture the atmosphere of your wedding. Our goal is to express the deepest emotions through our films so that you can relive them every time you watch.

We only work with tools suitable for capturing the highest quality videos. Our latest cameras and lenses allow us to capture crystal-clear images that preserve every moment of the wedding in perfect quality. Drone footage provides stunning perspectives, opening up a whole new dimension in our films. With our modern audio equipment, the sound quality is impeccable, capturing speeches clearly and comprehensibly.

However, wedding videography is not just a technical task. We understand that not everyone feels comfortable in front of cameras, so as wedding videographers, it is our job to help you feel natural and relaxed throughout the process. Think of us as not only documenting your wedding day but also helping to create that special experience that will be forever memorable through the finished video.

Choose us and allow us to tell the story of your love in the magical language of wedding films!

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